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bulk transport
special transport
recruitment service
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2002 foundation of the company with planting of 800 trees in Karlsruhe-Stupferich as a symbol of growth

2004 Initiator and project support to change a divided traffic (ship/ tank/ barge/ pipeline) up to 97% rail- and 3% road transport.

2005 Project research on the subject to shift goods from the road to rail (in the food and raw materials industry)

since 2006 Organization of transport by Sliding floor truck, Tipper and Containers for bulk tippers

since 2007 Organization of heavy loads
Recruitment of logistics professionals

2009 Major project in the intermodal transport (Germany - Italy)

2010 Cooperation with Stark Logistic in classic railway transport for Germany - Italy - France - Poland - Scandinavia

2011 Logistics and materials management for motivation events

2011 Transport organization of a company deconstruction

2012 Transport organization of scrap material by train to Italy

2012 Scrapping of a general average boat

2014 Reorganisation of a partner forwarding agency

2015 Acquisition and post-merger integration at a partner freight forwarding company

2016 Digitalization of forwarding processes

2017 Introduction of shopfloor at a freight forwarding and shipping company

2018 Introduction of shopfloor at a contract logistics company

2019 Putting the Railports concept into concrete terms